Are you planning to bring a boat on your next vacation?

Launch areas can be found at:

Bayside Park – Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach
Coquina Beach – Gulf Drive, Bradenton Beach
Kingfish – Manatee Avenue, Holmes Beach
Memorial Park – 63rd St., Holmes Beach


Those with kayaks and canoes will enjoy slipping into Palma Sola Bay along the causeway on Manatee Avenue. Here you can head to the watery mangrove tunnels of Robinson Preserve. A boardwalk crosses a section of the western shore where bikes and rollerblades can travel paved trails while shelled paths snake along Tampa Bay and the mouth of the Manatee River. Oh, and… your four legged friend can join you… as long as… their behaved and on a leash.

Easy access to Sarasota Bay can be found at:

Herb Dolan Park at the east end of 25th Street near Avenue A, Bradenton Beach.
Historic Bridge Street Pier, Bradenton Beach
Coquina Beach (bayside) at Anna Maria’s southern point.

Don’t have a kayak?

Kayak rentals on Anna Maria Island can get you to such areas as Bimini Bay. Located off the Gulf of Mexico this is an amazing area to explore. Paddle through the mangroves and search for birds of all types and keep an eye out for manatees and dolphins enjoying the sea grass and calm waters.


Anna Maria Boat Club 5323 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach
Bradenton Beach Boat Rentals 1301 Gulf Dr., Bradenton Beach
Bradenton Beach Marina 402 Church Ave., Bradenton Beach
Cortez Watercraft 4328 127th St. W., Cortez
Florida Discount Watersports 12507 Cortez Rd. Cortez
Waves Boat & Social Club 4110 127th St. W., Cortez

Keep an eye out for manatees swimming in shallow waters
Keep an eye out for manatees swimming in shallow waters

Inside Bimini Bay, the conditions are particularly peaceful. Beginners or those who don’t know how to swim will feel very safe. Surrounded by land, except for the channel out to Tampa Bay, the water is usually flat and shallow. Bird life is also plentiful with osprey, pelicans and terns. Towering Australian Pines grace the shore where Great Blue Herons raise their young.

Bean Point, named after George Emerson Bean, the first person to reside on Anna Maria, is located at the northern end. The crystal blue water attracts dolphin and manatees. This is also where shells, starfish and sand dollars are plentiful. There is a very strong current through these waters so swimming is not recommended. This location is for more experienced kayakers.

There is a kayak trail among mangroves south of Manatee Avenue and there are plenty of launching locations at the south end of Coquina Beach and across the street on the bay side.

Robinson Preserve is great fun for individuals, families and four legged friends. There are plenty of hiking/biking trails and kayak adventures to enjoy. You might want to bring a picnic, bathing suit, binoculars and shoes for hiking the big tower to the observation deck. From the deck you’ll have panoramic views of the Skyway Bridge, St. Petersburg and Bradenton…And, you might even spot our resident eagles as well. So, be prepared to spend a full day of adventure.
Guided tours and kayak rentals are also available.

For a great full body workout or afloat with the current, you’ll certainly enjoy eventful kayaking on Anna Maria Island!

Horseback Surfing

You’ve never heard of this?

Believe it or not, “Horse Surfing” was invented right here in Bradenton, Florida! The smooth sandy shore and calm waters of Palma Sola Bay are perfect for a guide-led refreshing dip while you…swim…ski…and surf!…All on the back of a well trained animal!

Recommended for all ages, swim suits, short and tees are advised as there are no saddles and you will get wet…

Yet, you’re bound to have a great time!